How to make it easyer? Heal yourself seminar

Healing oneself profoundly

2 day tapping weekend intro in Budapest, Hungary

Robert on lake


Wheter you are suffernig from pain or hurt on a phisical or emotianal level, you can make it go away easier than you have ever imagined!

Faster EFT practitioners have seen many of these miracles of dayly life healing of their own life, and during helping others to release emotional wheights.

There is a way to make it easyer – it works faster than most method known before- and there are several living proofs as you watch the testimonials on Healing Magic Youtube channel.

How can it be , what is the magic in Robert’s style?

“It really works, because it works within the system that allways works “- says Robert a living example of his method- as he prepares his next international Level 1 seminar in Hungary Budapest next April.  Also he will introduce his method to hungarians on a 2 day tapping weekend with interpretation to hungarian language, so people who only speak hungarian will as well understand, as those who speak english. People from neighbouring countries are also wellcome as they speak hungarian or english, they will have a great time of learning and experiencing Robert’s Faster EFT style in use.

Come and find out about the details and facts on how to make your healing happen easyer,  and with lots of laughter.

The most fun method of times! as  many claims.

The transformational weekend in two languages will be held in Budapest (after the five day Level 1 training)

  On April 12.-13. 2014. 

Duration is from 10 am- 5 pm with luchbreak and coffee breaks.

Previous registration is recommended.

Early bird offer payed untill March 15th: 40 000 Huf,/2 days

From March 16.- April 12 with previous registration.:   45 000 Huf/2 days


In the two days, Robert will introduce you to the method, and show several examples live- how to apply this stressrelief method.  You can learn the basics yourself on how to use it on you, and experience great changes over the weekend surrounded by a great environment and lots of laughters. Beautiful Budapest is waiting for you to come and learn to heal yourself.

The price includes two coffe breaks a day, where you can have coffe, or tea, and mineral water.

Book your place for staying at the hotel where the event is held: Book Hotel

For getting  a special discount, apply to the seminar here , and you can receive a keyword for discount on booking your room.


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Researches say that 99% of leading death causes are stress related , and phisical simptoms are just a side effect of the real cause – stress experienced by the person in a trauma or on an everyday basis of hard life situation. After going to the doctors, many report no improovement or even getting worse- since there are some conditions- doctors’s cant do anything about- such as phobias, panic attack, or something like depression.
They can regulate the simphtoms occasionally, but they can not make it go away for good.

What can cuch a person do in case if wants to dissolve the problem? Where to find the rootcause and how to pull it out?

Alternative solutions come to sight on the way of searching for healing.  An excellent result is found in Faster EFT, as many have reported  unexpected benefits from having experienced peace within through this process. You can hear people telling their story of meridian tapping as they use the revolutionary method of Robert G. Smith.

-It s easy to do, everybody tap with me- says Robert- : “I release and let it go… I release and let it go… ” sounds the class all togeher as they let all their traumas go and miraculous things happen here and there in the croud. Only they know, how much of wheight they have dumped out during those rounds of let go…

If you want to try it yourself, the next Level 1 international seminar starts on April 7 in Budapest and lasts for 5 days. And there will be a special two day retreat for Hungarian speaking people with translation from the 12th.- 13th. of Apil, right after level one training.

Faster EFT has became an international approach to handle stress and make it go away for real as you are persistantly tapping on your creatinos- called problems-. Even doctors can’t deny the effect of healed people that has no more sympthomes they used to have for years and years. You can see testimonials here

Robert Smiths helps thousands of people to learn and practice how to get from problem to solution and even a joyful life, taking your own respontsiblity in your own hand, and making success naturally happen in your everyday life. He is a great example of this himself. You should hear his story!

Go and take your chance at the magic chair or within the new class of Level 1 at Budapest, or fix your seat at the weekend training on April 12.-13. 2014.

It is a great tool for everyone who wants to live a better life!

Apply through kapcsolatok menu.